Green Sea Harvest AS (GSH) is a Norwegian company, with its subsidiaries Green Sea Harvest AB

in Sweden and Green Sea Harvest Pte Ltd in Singapore.


Green Sea Harvest AB is focusing on manufacturing premium pet food, sourcing fresh by-products from land-based salmon farms. We will always establish our facility in very close proximity to them to ensure our raw material is fresh and no excess transport is required to reach our high sustainability goals and circular economy philosophy.

Our ambition is to provide very high-quality products, meeting our supermarket chain clients specifications in the most sustainable way, as we are aware this is also important to them.

Green Sea Harvest AB is currently projecting a pet food factory in Värmland, Sweden based on fresh by-products from a land based-salmon farm project. This enables GSH AB to manufacture premium pet food based on the highest quality salmon, grown locally in a sustainable way.


Sweden being one of the most environmental aware countries in the world among its inhabitants, with high focus on health for themselves and their pets makes this the country of choise for us.


Our Approach

Pre-construction Planning and Commissioning

The experienced Green Sea Harvest team follows a top tier approach in analysing its markets, sites and access to fresh marine residual raw material for its manufacturing facilities.

Our focus is to be part of a circular economy, utilising high quality and fresh by-product in neighbouring production facilities to manufacture premium quality Pet food in the most sustainable way.


GSH are using the very best and proven technologies to achieve these stated parameters in our approach.

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Our core business and partnerships

Green Sea Harves are developing new projects, sourcing and contracting large longterm marine residual raw material, sourcing technology and factory design alongside tech-partner. We acquire land, Infrastructure and develop complete bankable business plans ready for project finance. 


Our core business is to build and operate marine ingredients

production and pet food production facilities under separate SPV’s through a joint ownership with Industrial Investment Partners.


We are also partnering with companies providing us with the Marine residual raw material to

secure a long-term steady flow of resources for our production. 

Our customers

Green Sea Harvest enter into long term contracts for fresh high quality by-products from land based salmon farms.

GSH produce premium pet food based on its nutritious recipes and distribute through supermarkets chains.


Our integrated factories are designed so it also can produce bespoken salmon feed for the neighbouring land based salmon farms.


GSH ambitions is to provide a high quality product in this growth market, with an environmental and social responsible focus.


Green Sea Harvest AS has its head quarter in Oslo Norway and subsidiary offices in Sweden and Singapore.

Our team have extensive experience with finance, planning, construction, infrastructure, renewable energy, fish markets, operations, distribution and interaction with local government, regulators and related businesses.

GSH have a clear strategy in rolling out and operating manufacturing facilities next door to land-based salmon farms purchasing their fresh by-products. This way they do not have to transport the remaining parts of the salmon long distances for processing and increase the cost of transport and carbon footprint, while reducing the quality and value of the protein rich by-products.

We also source additional marine ingredients from white fish and other alternative protein ingredients to produce bespoken salmon feed to our land based salmon farm partners.

Our ambitions is to set up several production facilities the next few years.






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